Holiday Express

Holiday Express, founded in 1993 by Tim McLoone, works year ’round to deliver “the gift of human kindness” to adults and children in need. We at Desantis Creative  had the privilege of rebranding Holiday Express to take this  well-established organization into the many years to come.

We rebuilt from the ground up, beginning with the new logo, which was a streamlined and updated take on the old logo. We sought to capture the bright and cheerful heart of Holiday Express. The website was the next big endeavor. The homepage became a place where visitors can quickly and easily see what’s new to Holiday Express. A large emphasis was capturing the year ’round aspect of the organization. The addition of the light blue to the Holiday Express color palette helps to remind visitors that Holiday Express serves all 12 months of the year, not just during the holiday season. Additionally, the new website is built in Joomla, a content management system, that makes updating content simple and efficient. The nurture and development of their brand is a continuous process which affects every piece of print and web content that is released to create a complete and unified brand.

Another piece we had the opportunity to revamp is the Holiday Express Annual Yearbook. The yearbook is an annual publication reviewing the past season of “Delivering the Gift of Human Kindness”. This year Holiday Express celebrated 20 years of giving to the community.We sought to bring this piece into the branding style we created in the rebranding process for Holiday Express. It allowed us to further develop this brand and create a fun and interesting piece. We approached this piece, not as a yearbook, but more as a magazine-annual report hybrid. This new publication is called “Seasons”, as Holiday Express refers to each year of work as a Holiday Express “Season”. The content included volunteer stories, infographics about volunteers and gift bags, testimonials from clients, and a retrospective of the 20 seasons of Holiday Express.

Services: Brand Identity / Website / Marketing Collateral / Event Marketing / Web Design / Web Development


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