Field Station: Dinosaurs

Opening with little fan fare and a limited budget, Field Station: Dinosaurs asked Desantis Creative to help express and promote its singular environment and differentiating educational mission.

Located in northern New Jersey, the park features animatronic dinosaurs whose remains are to be found within a simulated campsite manned by a team of scientists and visiting “researchers.” Using actual field research tools and techniques, visitors gain first hand knowledge and appreciation for this exciting subject matter in highly engaging, non-traditional ways. The new marketing and visual identity program we created captured and capitalized on this unique experience, which was, in fact, the essence of the brand.

Based on that understanding, the park’s identity package, environmental graphics, advertising and marketing materials were designed to communicate the look and feel of a “no-frills” scientific operation. As such, the new logo lives comfortably in all media, as well as on utilitarian objects including the sides of crates, tents and rusty chain link fences. The combination of distressed and stencil typefaces reinforces the desired image of utility while the Manhattan skyline signals the park’s proximity to New York City, a vital part of its target marketing area.

Under its clearly defined and communicated brand, Field Station: Dinosaurs was able to engage its target audiences, increase market penetration, drive attendance and position its “Stone Age” business for future success.

Services: Brand Identity / Marketing Collateral / Advertising / Environmental Graphics / Ephemera


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