Desantis Creative Director Featured in Magazine

From Christian Luis, our Creative Director:

A few months ago, there was a call for submissions to one of my favorite magazines, Uppercase, asking its readers to submit letterforms or entire alphabets inspired by office supplies. My wife Jen and I went straight to our collection of antique and vintage office supplies to see what would fit the bill. I’m happy to say my two submissions were accepted and published in the latest issue!

Christian Luis in Uppercase Christian Luis in Uppercase Christian Luis in Uppercase


We ended up with one vintage item, the typewriter ribbon, and one modern item, the post-its. Believe it or not, forming letters from typewriter ribbon is not as easy as it looks. The natural curl of the ribbon was a challenge to coax into submission, not to mention the occasional gust of wind that passed through the studio! At least the post-its were more cooperative, although assembling and cutting out the shape was no small feat.

Uppercase is a quarterly magazine “for the creative and curious”. It features images and articles about everything from graphic design and illustration to crafting and fine art. The magazine itself is a beautiful object, with it’s lovely design and layout printed on luscious uncoated paper stock. Magazines like this are an invaluable source of inspiration and is vital to the creative process. It helps us as designers to keep abreast of trends and styles, opens us up to new and emerging techniques, and even guides us to discover ideas from the unlikeliest of places.



FUN FACT:  Luis & Jen have approximately a dozen old typewriters.


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