Holiday Express “Seasons”

We were charged with the task of redesigning the Holiday Express Annual Yearbook. The yearbook is an annual publication reviewing the past season of “Delivering the Gift of Human Kindness”. This year Holiday Express celebrated 20 years of giving to the community.

We sought to bring this piece into the branding style we created in the rebranding process for Holiday Express. It allowed us to further develop this brand and create a fun and interesting piece. We approached this piece, not as a yearbook, but more as a magazine-annual report hybrid. This new publication is called “Seasons”, as Holiday Express refers to each year of work as a Holiday Express “Season”. The content included volunteer stories, infographics about volunteers and gift bags, testimonials from clients, and a retrospective of the 20 seasons of Holiday Express. We’ve already received positive feedback from many who already received their copy. We greatly enjoyed this project and hope you do, too! Look for your copy in the mail if you’re on the Holiday Express mailing list. To view the full yearbook online click here.