Field Station: Dinosaurs – Branding

For Field Station: Dinosaurs, we had the unique opportunity to brand a new theme park to open this summer featuring full scale animatronic dinosaurs. The client had a specific idea in mind, in which these dinosaurs were found at the site, and a fleet of scientists descended on the area and set up a camp.

 Following that approach, the whole look and feel for the park and for the park’s materials would be a little rough and grungy to recall a military/scientific operation. The logo is intended to look like it would live comfortably on utilitarian objects such as the sides of crates, on tents and on rusty chain link fences. We went with a stencil look for the word “dinosaurs”, paired with another eroded typeface to give it that worn, used look. By having the word “Dinosaurs” stenciled, we are alluding to the possibility that the field stations can incorporate other discoveries aside from dinosaurs, which gives the brand an additional conceptual layer. It was also important to include the Manhattan skyline, since the park’s proximity to the city is an important selling point.
Having the dinosaurs rise above the name and skyline gives a sense of the large scale of the dinosaurs. And by using 3 different dinosaurs, we have the flexibility to expand the brand across the different applications we will be doing, including the park’s signage, merchandising and their advertising.